Mile High Media Draws in O.L. Entertainment for 'Madness' Tournament

MONTREAL, Quebec—It's that time of the year again. No, not Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas or even Kwanzaa. It's time for the Mile High Madness tournament—a single-elimination social media contest that allows fans to submit and vote on their fantasy porn star pairings.

Mile High Madness will feature four regions composed of Mile High Media studios Sweet Sinner, Reality Junkies and Sweetheart Video. The fourth region is new to the tournament: O.L. Entertainment’s Erotica X/Hard X Studios.

Featuring movies from director Mason, O.L. Entertainment has quickly made a splash in the industry. “We are excited to welcome O.L. Entertainment to the Mile High Madness fun,” Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt said. “The tournament has developed a great fan base over a short time, and we are happy to introduce our participants to the exciting new company and give them a chance to help cast a scene shot by Mason.”

Beginning immediately, fans may submit their fantasy porn pairings to Mile High Media for the chance to see their dream realized.  A field of 64 pairings will be selected and divided amongst the four regions. The submission period ends December 29, and the first round of voting begins January 6.

By the spring of 2014, a pair of champions will be crowned.

Pairing submissions may be made via and, or can be sent via email to [email protected].

The submitters responsible for the final four pairings (the Final Foreplay Round), as decided by voting, will each have their scene filmed in a future movie. They will also receive a six-month membership to the Mile High Media paysite for their winning region. In addition, the submitter of the overall champion, as decided by voting, will receive six-month memberships to all four studio paysites.

Submissions must include active porn stars (non-contract) and list which of the four studios it is geared toward. Sweet Sinner features couples-friendly sex, and submissions may be boy/girl or girl/girl. Reality Junkies features harder sex, and submissions should be boy/girl. Sweetheart Video features lesbian sex, and submissions should be girl/girl. O.L. Entertainment features both hardcore and couples-friendly sex, and submissions should be boy/girl.

There is no limit on the number of submissions.  In the event of a duplicate pairing submitted for the 64-pairing tournament, the person who submitted first will be on record to receive the prize. All those submitting pairings must be 18 years old or older.

In the event a winning pairing is unable to be filmed for any reason, Mile High Media will contact the winning submitter and allow them to decide on a new pairing.

Mile High Madness Calendar:

December 9, 2013—Submission period begins.

December 29, 2013—Submission period ends.

January 6, 2014—First-round voting begins.

January 30, 2014—Second-round voting begins.

February 24, 2014—Third-round (The Sexy 16) voting begins.

March 10, 2014—Fourth-round (Erotic 8) voting begins.

March 24, 2014—Fifth-round (Final Foreplay) voting begins.

April 7, 2014—Sixth-round (Championship) voting begins.

April 14, 2014 – Champion announced.

“When we started Mile High Madness two years ago, none of us thought it would continually earn nominations from top industry trade media,” Blitt said. “The opportunity to make their fantasy porn pairings a reality has struck a chord with fans and generated a lot of positive buzz for performers, our studios, and the industry as a whole, all through social media.”

Mile High Madness is nominated for Best Marketing Campaign – Individual Project at the 2014 AVN Awards.