Mile High Media Auteur Nica Noelle Builds Rep as Sexpert

MONTREAL—Erotic auteur Nica Noelle continues to expand her reputation as a leading sex educator through her writings and public appearances. As an acclaimed adult filmmaker working exclusively for Mile High Media, Nica Noelle’s firsthand experience make her a sought-after source of knowledge on social and sexual trends, or what pop culture commonly deems as a “sexpert.”

The National Sexuality Resource Center (NSRC) recently published an article by Noelle titled “Porn’s Queer Mafia,” which explores a changing wave in adult movies, starting with a blurring of sex and gender barriers.

Virgie Tovar, a representative of the NSRC, explains why Nica Noelle is the perfect contributor to the organization’s site: “The National Sexuality Resource Center is a leader in the development of a new sexuality movement, founded on the unique concept of sexual literacy—the positive, integrated, and holistic view of sexuality from a social justice perspective. We choose edgy, relevant and sex positive content for our web publications based on compatibility with our goal of sexual literacy.”

Through Mile High Media’s studios like Sweet Sinner, Sweetheart Video and Sweet Sinema, Noelle provides the adult industry with unique and alternative sex-positive content. Her writing and talks further aid her cause.

Nica Noelle says, “I'm honored the NSRC found my articles relevant for their community of sex-positive educators and researchers. As a female adult film director I have special access to the world of fantasy and eroticism, and it's a privilege to share my observations in this area. I hope to continue to add my voice to the NSRC's impressive community of sex-positive writers, thinkers and educators, so we all may benefit from increased understanding of our own and others' sexuality.”

“I’m always looking for new platforms to work with,” Noelle added. “Many people hold negative views of the adult industry due to a narrow slice media shows them. The more visibility we can give the numerous positive facets of the industry, the better. It’s a wonderful industry, and I’m honored to be allowed to help give it a voice.”

An additional article authored by Noelle will appear on the NSRC’s website in the near future. The article details the current cougar phenomenon: older women dating younger men.

Click here to read Nica Noelle’s article, “Porn’s Queer Mafia.”

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