Mike South Expands Flagship Site

ATLANTA - Award-winning director Mike South has expanded flagship site MikeSouth.com to include free movie and photo galleries.

"Today, there are more than 500 new photos and videos and they will change every day, so tomorrow there will be all new ones," South said. "This keeps people coming back, ­ which benefits me and my advertisers."

South does not allow galleries that link to or promote a certain popular dating site. Yet the ordinarily candid Mouth of the South did not name this mystery site; it's a head-scratcher.

"This particular site supports people who steal content from everyone in porn," South said. "Call it piracy if you like, but the real word is theft. This site buys paid advertising on all of the big torrent and file sharing sites, and I refuse to support them in any way as long as they are doing that. if others in porn would take this same stand, we could take money out of the pockets of content thieves."

The listings are free for now, though South said he "may have to be a bit more selective about who gets listed" in the future.

South sees the listings as a good way for performers and agents to promote themselves to content producers and consumers.

"My site is very widely read within the adult industry," South said. "They may not like what I have to say, but they read me."

Yes, we do. South is the undisputed master of Southern Bukakke, a man who says what he means and says it mean. Check out his new site immediately.

Galleries can be submitted at http://www.mikesouth.com/tgp/submit.php

For more information, email [email protected]