Mike Ramone Directs for Robert Hill Releasing

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Former AVN Editor in Chief Mike Ramone is making his adult directorial debut for Robert Hill Releasing.

Mike Ramone's Wedding Bells Gang Bang will star Sandra Romain with Annie Cruz, Angela Stone, Otto Bauer, Tony T, Jenner and French newcomer Mark Galfione. In production this week, the video is scheduled for July 2007 release.

"The movie involves a particularly nasty fantasy I have, one which the title pretty much summarizes, demonstrating that marriage is indeed Hell," Ramone told AVN.com.

"I'm very lucky to have Sandra Romain in my directorial debut before she returns to Europe for good in September," Ramone continued. "She's one of the roughest, toughest, no-holes-barred porn Goddesses out there – it's not for nothing that she's been nominated by AVN the last two years running for Female Performer of the Year – and she fits my porno aesthetic and the fantasy of the movie to a T."

"Throw Annie Cruz, Angela Stone, Otto Bauer, Tony T., Jenner and Mark Galfione – all equally hardcore, in-your-face performers into the mix - and the results will be explosive. I hope to provide the hardcore porn fan with one of the hardest, sickest, kinkiest, most distinctive adult movies ever shot for his or her repeated masturbatory pleasure."

In keeping with his proclivities as a veteran porn reviewer, Ramone promises "hard-edged face/pussy/ass fucking, DPs, double vag, double A, squirting, anal milk blasts, strap-on action, ass eating, A2M, tsunami-like drool, massive facials, pop-swapping, BDSM, including Fem-Domme verbal/physical humiliation and high-end fetish wear, and tons of huge, nasty toys will all be part of the action."

Ramone described his relationship with Robert Hill Releasing as "a perfect fit," noting that the company markets itself as "the darker side of porn."

"Anyone in the industry who knows my tastes in porn knows that I like the really, really hard-edge, fetishy, sick, demented, boundary-pushing stuff," Ramone said. "So as Robert Hill says, the darker, the better. And that's the type of porn I'm going to make. Stuff that I personally get off on. I really think that's the best yardstick a director can go by."

"I really want to thank [Robert Hill Releasing President] Lynton [Appleson] for giving me this opportunity," Ramone added. "And I also want to thank my friend Skeeter Kerkove [who also directs for Robert Hill] for his unbelievable generosity in helping me make this movie."

Ramone was a freelance reviewer for AVN from 1996-2000, becoming editor-in-chief of the magazine from 2000-2006; while he said he loved the job, his ultimate dream always was to make porn.

"I've been a porn addict and heavily into fetish and BDSM my entire adult life," Ramone said. "Having been a reviewer for AVN for a good ten years, and having been to numerous porn shoots during that time, I've seen and reviewed more porn than any one person in his right mind probably should. Throw into the mix some very wild, perverse, debauched times during my years in the downtown L.A. dungeon scene and the entire cumulative experience has left me with tons of ideas for fresh new lines – things that haven't been done before or building on things that have been done before, but which I believe I can improve on."

"What a director needs above all else is a strong, distinct porno vision and I believe I possess that and more," Ramone said. "I've got the soul of a pornographer. Porn is probably the closet thing I have to a religion."

For more information on Robert Hill Releasing, visit www.RobertHillReleasing.com.