Mike Kulich Tells Anthony Weiner 'Don't Pull Out'

LOS ANGELES—Beleaguered politician Anthony Weiner is about to get a boost from an unexpected source: Assence Films owner Mike Kulich.

The married New York City mayoral candidate, who resigned from Congress in 2011 after it was revealed he was sexting multiple women, again finds himself embroiled in a similar scandal after TheDirty.com published more sexts a year after his resignation after promising to seek help.

In order to help the pervy politico, Kulich is hoping to raise money for his mayoral campaign through the production of a DVD titled Don't Pull Out. Kulich promises to donate 15 percent of sales from the movie to Weiner's campaign.

"Sex scandals like Weiner's make it easier for my business," Kulich told The Huffington Post. "Everyone wants to think politicians are so clean, but they sext and watch porn just like normal people."

In an interesting twist, Kulich vows that the movie will feature former adult star Ginger Lee, one of the women Weiner was outed as sexting with.

Kulich is even entertaining the thought of offering Weiner an on-camera job.

"He has the perfect name for a porn star," Kulich said. "I've seen his bulge on TMZ so he's well-equipped in other ways."