@Midnight Draws From WoodRocket Well Again For Latest Episode

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Proving once again that porn, geeks, late nights and comedy create the perfect storm, Comedy Central’s @Midnight show has once again featured a porn parody from the folks at WoodRocket.

On Wednesday night’s episode of the popular new show, host Chris Hardwick had comedians Ali Wong, Ron Funches and Guy Branum guess the multiple choice answer to the name of the website’s newest porn parody.

With the choices of The Finger Games, The Knobbit and The Dark Fistal available, Branum guessed The Knobbit—The XXX Parody correctly, but added it was a bit unfair since he had already seen the spoof.

“They had to stop every couple of minutes to sing songs in Elvish,” he added.

That led directly into the evenings Hash Tag Wars portion of the show, with the topic of #GeekyPorn. Contestants threw out a number of names parody producers might want to pay attention to: Deep Space 9 Inches, Scrotal Recall, Lord of the Cock Rings and Doctor Who’s That In My Butt were among the top points earners.

Star Wars … But With Fucking,” joked Funches, drawing major laughs from Hardwick and the audience. “It’s a working title.”

In between all the laughs, Hardwick even treated viewers to a SFW clip from the trailer for The Knobbit.

This isn’t the first time @Midnight has drawn from the WoodRocket well for its comedy material: The site’s Game Of Bones parody made the show and serious mainstream headlines with its throne of dildos last year.

@Midnight features host Hardwick has he leads three celebrity contestants down the ultimate Internet wormhole. Culling from the darkest recesses of social media, they compete to determine who has the funniest take on the day's pop culture.

The Knobbit—The XXX Parody is an epic journey of pornographic proportions featuring spoofs of favorite characters like Dildo, Glandalf and Ball 'em... and yes, they all get to do it Smaugy-Style!

To see the entire @Midnight episode, visit http://www.cc.com/episodes/l91gvg/-midnight-wednesday--april-9--2014-season-1-ep-01049.