Michael Raven: No Rest for 'The Wicked'

LOS ANGELES - AVN award-winning director Michael Raven is about to begin shooting his latest feature for Wicked Pictures, a big-budget horror flick entitled The Wicked. The seven-day shoot begins this weekend in the Palmdale/Lancaster area.

"It's a movie about a group of college-age friends who head out to the high desert to attend a festival loosely based on Burning Man, where kids go to party and have a good time," Raven told AVN. "Unbeknownst to them, they disturb a coven of vampires. When they awaken these creatures of the night from their sleep, they get hunted down and killed." 

Wicked contract girl Kaylani Lei stars as one of the youthful thrill-seekers opposite Sophia Santi as the vampire queen. Stormy Daniels plays a supporting role as a mysterious character named Baby, and Roxy DeVille sprouts fangs as a vampire stripper. Also on board are new Wicked girls Alektra Blue and Mikayla Mendez and fan favorite Tori Black.

"Wicked has been gracious enough to give me leeway on content, and we have a great cast," Raven said. "I have about 50 or 60 extras coming out for a rave in front of a huge bonfire with a 20-foot effigy they're burning."

Raven compares his new movie to From Dusk Til Dawn and The Lost Boys.

"It's certainly not going to be a Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but it will be entertaining and a lot of fun," the director said. "There's a lot of nice surprise elements where people will jump - and there's also some comic relief. One of the kids in the movie is a paranoid conspiracy theorist; he's always talking about cattle mutilations and werewolves and sex-crazed blood-drinking cults, and nobody ever believes him until the end of the movie. 

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