Miami's Talent Testing Service Opens L.A. Office

NORTHRIDGE, Calif. - Miami-based industry health testing clinic Talent Testing Service, Inc. has opened an office in Porn Valley, presenting the first local competition to the Adult Industry Medical (AIM) Healthcare Foundation since its inception in 1998.

Having provided its services to the Miami talent pool for close to three years, TTS initially is offering L.A. performers a basic "Industry Test" and a "Full Panel" that includes screening for hepatitis B and C, as well as syphilis.

"We're looking at just providing an alternative to AIM," TTS director of operations Julio Conde told AVN. "We hear of different complaints and issues related to AIM, against the monopoly they have in the service. Then again, it has been the only one providing the service in the industry, and they have done a great job up to this point. Competition is never a bad thing ... I think it will be for the best of the industry; that's what we're here for. And hopefully we'll be working with them as well, somehow there will be some sort of communication of information at some point."

Conde said that the Northridge TTS employs two full-time staff members and one practitioner who for the time being will be available Tuesdays and Thursdays. The clinic uses the PCR-DNA testing method — the same as AIM — and offers its Full Panel test for $150.

TTS differs from AIM, Conde said, in that, "This is strictly a testing facility, we are not providing counseling or any kind of support on that end." Furthermore, he noted, "There is a big difference on the producers' side, which is, we are offering access to our database of results free of charge to the industry. And we are passing that control to the talent through our website. Basically, when they access this dashboard, they have a way to select those which they would like their results to be seen by."

Another advantage to the services offered by TTS, Conde said, is that, "We have a very unique authentication code attached to every single test. We have experienced in the past some cases of people tampering with their results or the expiration date on the test, things of that nature. We are providing a sequence of numbers, a 12-digit number, that is very unique. It's almost like a security key to each individual's results, by talent, by date. So if you have any questions or any doubts of the results of a particular certificate that you are seeing in front of you, you can grab those numbers and go to our website, and verify the validity of their results."

The new office of Talent Testing Service is located at 8444 Reseda Blvd., Northridge, Calif. 91324. For its first month of operation, the clinic will offer a limited number of free Industry Tests to talent who try its services.

For more information, call (818) 885-0812 or e-mail [email protected]. The clinic can also be found online at