Mia Presley: Tiny Dancer

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Petite porn star Mia Presley sees her girl/girl scenes as a result of a natural progression: from the outspoken black sheep of the family, to ballerina, burlesque dancer and pussy fanatic.

“Dancing is what I got my degree in — professional dancing — from Cal State, Fullerton," she said. "I was doing mainstream modeling stuff and dancing for awhile, and that eventually turned into doing girl/girl scenes. I’m very comfortable with who I am, and I’ve been with girls in my personal life, so it was a really easy transition.”

A native of Los Angeles, the versatile Presley is a former Playboy Cybergirl who now runs her own burlesque troupe and luxury swimwear line, Mia Presley Luxury Swimwear. She’s even channeled her love of animals into a local charity called Porn Stars for Pups.

“We’re hoping to do a calendar with naked porn stars and pets really soon,” Presley said. “We’ll give the proceeds to charities which help animals that need medical work done, as well as shelters and rescues.”

Presley has three pups herself, as well as a fish in a line of fish that keep dying. “We call him Frank number three," she said.

Presley launched her porn career six months ago at age 24, performing girl/girl scenes for companies such as Penthouse, Hustler and Pink Visual. The tanned starlet said her talent for cunnilingus — and genuine love for the act — eased her nerves when it came to performing.

“I’ve been told I’m really good at eating pussy…and I love to do it,” she enthused. “I started doing things sexually with women even before I was with guys. I grew up with a lot of cool girls. We’d go out into the woods, just us girls, take our tops off, and get pretty crazy.”

Presley added that she has no problem receiving oral either. “I’ve also been told I have a nice area down there,” she said.

Some fans might be saddened to hear that Presley does not plan on taking the plunge into boy/girl scenes in the near future. “I want to create a real niche for myself,” she said, “and for all women who love to do women. I want to do other things in this industry as well…I’d love to direct at some point.”

Offscreen, Presley doesn't limit her options. “I love both men and women," she said. "I’m comfortable with both of them.”

Presley hopes her love of professional dance and performing will take her into feature dancing. Among her upcoming XXX appearances is a key scene in AVN Hall of Famer Sunset Thomas’ final movie, slated for release through LFP in 2008. “It’s the only girl/girl scene she does in the movie, so I’m pretty proud of being selected for that,” Presley said.

Presley will also display her culinary abilities on the soon-to-be-launched Vavoom TV Network, stripping off her clothes and creating Mediterranean dishes as “The Nude Chef.”

So what does the gorgeous Presley do when she doesn’t have her face firmly between the legs of another young beauty for the camera’s lens?

“I’m actually pretty conservative, for a porn star,” she laughed. “I like to go jogging, keep in shape and then pretty much hang out with my dogs…take them to the dog park. I’m pretty chill; I don’t party all that much.”

But judging by her work on screen, it’s hard to imagine that Presley doesn’t let her wild side show more often than she’s letting on.

To see more of Mia, visit her official Website at www.miapresley.com.