Metro to Roll Out DCypher's <i>Nowhere Angels</i>

Multiple AVN Award-nominated writer/director DCypher goes decidedly Larry Clark (the auteur behind Kids and Bully, for those not in the know) with Nowhere Angels, his latest Cal Vista/Metro outing and, by testament of the man himself, his proudest achievement to date.

"Nowhere Angels is by far my favorite movie I have ever shot," crowed DC. "It's a true example of lit porn, combining elements from writers like Brett Easton Ellis, Thomas Pynchon, William Golding, Hunter S. Thompson and Jack Kerouac. It's postmodern punk rock porn blended with an angelic sadness that will break your heart."

Taking an Altman-esque approach of weaving together numerous story threads with an ensemble cast, Nowhere paints a neo-realist portrait of a group of nihilistic young vagabonds drowning their desperation for an escape from their dismal town in a constant torrent of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll.

Starring such highly in-demand female performers as Charlotte Stokely, Riley Mason and Justine Joli, the movie is poised to be a major release, and certainly one that Metro will be promoting heavily. Said company sales VP Christian Mann, "DCypher's movies have come to symbolize what our Cal Vista imprint is all about: big budgets, big stories and last but not least, big sales. DCypher's previous efforts like Wonderland and Taboo 22 continue to sell months after their initial release. Quality always prevails."

"It's also worth noting," added DC, "that [Nowhere's] entire soundtrack is from DIAL 7, a band once signed to Warner Brothers. Barrett [Blade], our editor and one of the lead actors, was in DIAL 7, so he owned the rights to use the music."

Concluded Mann, "The market is flooded with releases, so it's a pleasure to distribute 'event movies' that stand out, have a long shelf life and cement our role as a player in the big movie game."

Nowhere Angels is scheduled to street Feb. 20.