Metro's Loaded Digital to Release Rotten Video

Two years after making his directorial debut with the much-lauded and multi-AVN Award-nominated Little Runaway (co-directed by AVN Hall of Famer Jim Powers), Rob Rotten is back behind the camera shooting for Metro.

Fuck the System is not only the first release on Metro’s new Loaded Digital imprint, it is also the first of any Metro title that will be available through video-on-demand before it is released on DVD, which will be on shelves later this summer.

In an interview with, Rotten said that his Metro debut, Fuck the System, is “another punk rock classic.”

“I got the Smut Peddlers to play a live show at a club outside of L.A.,” Rotten said. “Gia Paloma had a Mohawk and looked like the hottest punk rock chick ever. I railed Gia in front of the band and a packed bar full of people coming right in off the street and checking out the action. Soon after we had finished our scene – it was a little rough – and I guess some people came in, saw the scene, left and called the police and said there was a ‘creepy guy’ strangling a chick to death on stage while a band played and the audience looked on. Everything’s wrapped, everyone’s done, I make it three blocks away, my cell phone rings, and it’s the owner of the bar and he says, ‘Rob, you gotta get back with your permit.’

“I could tell he was talking really weird, like someone else was on the phone, and then suddenly someone else blurted out, ‘This is officer so-and-so and we must know if anyone was being strangled.’ They didn’t really care about the filming at that point, they just cared about the ‘creepy guy’ and the girl getting strangled. I told them it was just me and I was just filming the band as a favor.

“The owner calls me back an hour later and says 15 cops showed up, guns drawn, ready to crack some skulls,” Rotten continued. “It was rad! We just slipped the noose.”

Rotten recruited top-line talent for his punk rock epic, including performers Vanessa Lane, Katrina Kraven, Brooklyn, Lyla Leigh, as well as the aforementioned Gia Paloma, in one of the last scenes she shot before signing an exclusive deal with Extreme 2.0.

Fuck the System is going to be very controversial,” Rotten continued, “there’s a scene called ‘Skinheads Suck’ where John West and Jenner perform a scene with Lyla Leigh, which is so cutting-edge and realistic and seemingly-violent that many viewers won’t be able to distinguish whether or not the scene was voluntary or spontaneous. The scene is right out of Romper Stomper, which was one of Russell Crowe’s first movies. Adam, the production assistant, is pushing Leigh down the street on a skateboard when West chases Adam away and Jenner goes after the girl, dragging her inside a bar as she screamed indistinguishables in Cambodian.

“What’s fucking awesome is that hardly anyone knew or knows what the fuck she was saying,” Rotten said. “I asked her after the scene, ‘What the fuck were saying anyway?’ She told me she was saying, ‘Come fuck my ass again!’ She said it was one of her fantasies to be raped by skinheads.”

That’s just a taste of the punk rock fun fans have to look forward later this summer. Speaking of punk, check out the lineup of bands Rotten managed to line up for this two-disc release, one a DVD with the Fuck the System, the second a CD of punk bands, all of which are featured in the movie’s soundtrack.

Ever heard of Rancid? Only one of the biggest bands of this generation, selling millions of CDs worldwide over the past decade or so.

“I still can’t believe it came together like that,” he said. “To get all these bands on the soundtrack to a porno is incomprehensible to me. I mean, Rancid – they are a fucking major band – and I’d known [guitarist] Lars [Frederiksen] for a while and I’d given him a shitload of DVDs and he loved Little Runaway. I asked him if Rancid wanted to be a part of future titles and he said, ‘Yeah, fuck, whatever you want, just tell me and it’s taken care of.’”

Rotten, who entered the business in 2002 and originally worked exclusively with then-girlfriend (and 2004 AVN Best New Starlet nominee) Rachel Rotten, was nominated for Best Couples Sex Scene (with Rachel) for their romp in the Studio A Entertainment film Dollhouse, split up a few months ago with Rachel going off to college and newly non-Mohawked Rob open for offers. Those offers including directing for Metro.

“My next movie is probably going to be my last movie for Metro,” he said. “It’s so fucking out-of-hand, so original, so insane, so completely disturbing and beyond the imagination of the collective Porn Valley establishment, that no one will know what the fuck to do with it. But let me say this, it is going to be one of the greatest cult porn titles ever produced. Believe me when I tell you, it’s going to knock your fucking socks off, and if it doesn’t, get the fuck off the Valium.”

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