Metro Releases DCypher's 'Runaway Love'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Writer/director DCypher returns to the company where he got his start making high-end features with Runaway Love, released Thursday on Metro's Cal Vista label.

Starring Alexis Love, Lexi Belle, Lindsey Meadows, Veronique Vega and Kissy Kapri, the movie tells five intertwining stories about girls on the run and the tough hazards they face in the real world.

"I ran away from home when I was six, so I know what life is like on the harsh streets," DCypher told AVN. "What I tried to capture was five vignettes that could stand alone, however the stories overlap, the characters meet each other and they interact with each other, telling each other the stories. Which traditionally is called an anti-plot. It's not that there's no storyline, it's that the theme of the movie becomes the storyline.

"So it's a feature, but also vignettes," he continued. "This allows for the company, in my opinion, to view it as an opportunity not only to sell it, but later to chop it and provide it for different forms of content delivery."

DCypher spoke highly of star Alexis Love. "She's extraordinary," he said. "She is a wonderful treat to have on set. She brings with her a fantastic sexual energy and just a youthful exuberance unlike any other."

Between Love and the other hot young girls in the cast, DCypher expects that viewers will be pleased with the movie regardless of the story.

"Whether or not the more abstruse elements of the title come together for the home viewer, I think Blue Collar Bob still has quite a good time watching it," he said.

Russ Pascale, Metro's vice president of sales, said of DCypher, "He is perhaps one of the most creative and entertaining directors working today. His work is both erotic and passionate, and the stories he spins are just as compelling as the erotic content. We are glad to be working with him again."

To order Runaway Love, contact Pascale at (818) 885-2800 ext. 218 or [email protected].