Metro Launches Valentine's Day Promotion

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Metro Interactive is offering a sweetheart deal to retailers and distributors with a special Valentine's Day promotion from the award-winning Cal Vista label.

Shipping on Friday, Jan. 18, the promo package includes a 3-disc collector's edition of James Avalon's Red Vibe Diaries trilogy along with DCypher's new Cal Vista feature The Sweet Spot, starring Hillary Scott.

"Valentine's Day is one of the biggest calendar events in the adult retail year, and we want to let our customers know that we have something that we can get into their stores to be stocked just in time for that date," said Metro's Christian Mann.

The remastered Red Vibe Diaries set includes Avalon's three Stacy Valentine features: Object of Desire, Dark Desires and The Garden Of Transgression. Mann referred to the handsomely designed collector's edition box as "the Physical Graffiti of adult video packaging."

"As we're compiling some of Cal Vista's classic movies as DVD collector's sets, it was clear that Red Vibe Diaries should be released as a Valentine's Day promotion," Mann said. "It's an ongoing bestseller, it stars Stacey Valentine, it's red; everything about it screams Valentine's Day. Likewise, The Sweet Spot is a story-driven, big-budget feature that appeals to couples. We had two movies to promote, so we came up with the idea of offering something classic with something new."

Cal Vista’s Red Vibe Diaries 3-Disc Collector’s Edition and The Sweet Spot hit the street Jan. 25. The special Valentine's Day package for retailers includes a POP display poster for The Sweet Spot.

To order, call Christian Mann at (818) 885-2800 ext. 206 or email [email protected]