Metro Introduces New POP Displays

In 2007, Metro Interactive will introduce new point-of-purchase displays for all of the company’s top-rated adult video lines.

The displays will showcase product from Fuxsion, Cal Vista, Video Team, Bad Ass and Loaded Digital, with individual stands representing each label. The corrugated cardboard displays will come pre-packed with 36 titles and a colorful, high-gloss header card.

“We created these displays based on retailer demand,” said Metro’s Christian Mann. “The idea is to help them find a way to get more product into their existing store without taking away more shelf space. We wanted to create something that is easy for stores to unpack and put out; since we’re shipping these stands with the product already in them, the retailer just has to crack the box and it’s all ready to go.”

The new displays will also serve to enhance the presence of each brand in the retail marketplace. “Since it’s such a crowded market, we want to give the consumer the opportunity to see what each of our lines is about,” Mann explained. “At the same time, we’re raising the profile of Metro Interactive as a whole.”

Metro will select titles for display based on sales and reviews, with the promotion emphasizing titles rated at 4-A’s and up by AVN. Mann noted that “the lines we’re promoting are all premium new releases, but we’re pricing them so that distributors get their product at a lower price. We’re giving the distributor – and, by default, the retailer and the end consumer – the ability to get high-end titles at a considerable discount.”

Metro designed the displays with 12 titles facing out, stocked two copies deep. “Once two pieces sell, we’ve alternated the titles so that a new one faces out,” Mann said. “Essentially, we did the stock rotation for the customer, so that three weeks or a month from now the piece isn’t old.”

The new displays will begin shipping the week after this year’s Adult Entertainment Expo. Fuxsion and Cal Vista will be the first to ship, with Video Team, Loaded and Bad Ass to follow during February and March.

“This will be an ongoing thing,” Mann confirmed. “We want to put our best foot forward in 2007.”

For more information, contact Mann at Metro Interactive sales toll-free at (888) 963-8769, ext. 206.