Metro Goes To Erotic City for <i> Heidi Spice </i>

Erotic City Entertainment, helmed by director Tommy Gunn, recently released the feature, Heidi Spice starring Lennox.

“Heidi Spice is an international call girl and we hired people from all over the world for real to star like Jean Valjean, Marcos, Nick Manning and all of the ethnic groups in the movie,” Gunn told “It’s very high-quality stuff.”

“Heidi Spice is a lesbian and I do some hot scenes in this. Tommy is really brilliant. He needs to be seen more in the porn world — he’s just an artist. There’s a lot of intensity in this movie and some really great acting,” Lennox added.

“Lennox did great catering on one of my sets and she never went home. She’s an incredible cook and a great person,” Gunn said of his fiancée/star.

Erotic City Entertainment is distributed through Metro Studios.