Metro Announces New Cal Vista Packaging, Remasters

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Metro Interactive has introduced new packaging for its Cal Vista library. The new digipak format is designed to showcase future Cal Vista releases in multi-disc collector's editions.

"With the decline of big-budget features, I feel that these titles will sell extremely well," said Russ Pascale, Metro's sales manager. "The customer is looking for an added value and Cal Vista's new format will give the customer what they want, while purchasing a high quality product."

The new digipaks feature embossed and foiled outer-box covers/title treatments and vivid, high resolution imagery inside. All new feature releases will also contain a special collector's disc with eight bonus award-winning or nominated scenes from the Cal Vista library. 

For store security convenience, all new Cal Vista releases will be pre-packaged with an RF security strip. These strips are designed to be used with any RF door security system, and will help eliminate the need for safers and big, bulky security labels.

Cal Vista additionally plans to remaster selected Cal Vista movies in HD widescreen format for simultaneous release on standard DVD and Blu-ray disc. Metro plans to support the new releases with national ad campaigns in print and online.

Some of the planned Cal Vista releases have never before been seen on DVD. One of the remastered titles to be released in July 2008 will be the multi-award winning feature ZAZEL: The Scent of Love. The bonus disk contains an extensive photo gallery, bonus scenes, and an exclusive sneak preview of ZAZEL II, currently in production and scheduled for a spring 2009 release.

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