Mercedez Leaves Vivid, Comes Back

“I'm back with Vivid,” Mercedez announced to Tuesday, marking an official end to her very short-lived break with the company where she's resided as a contract girl for her entire adult career.

“Actually, they cut my contract short about a month ago,” she explained. “My contract was 'til November, and they sent me a letter and said they just wanted to end it there. We went in and talked about some of the problems that they saw and some of the problems that I saw, and I agreed to work on everything that they wanted me to work on, and vice versa.”

As to the reasoning behind Vivid's sudden termination of the contract, Mercedez speculated that it may have had to do with her range as a performer, saying, “Maybe my scenes needed to be pushed a little more, my list of talent probably needed to be longer; for a while, most of the Vivid girls had a list of like four or five guys - you know, when that big scare went out, we kind of cut our lists short - and my list needed to be extended. I've gone from like four guys to like 15.”

She pointed out, however, that no ill will was traded between herself and the company. “There was never any animosity, there was never any fighting or yelling or anything like that,” she said. “It was just kind of like, 'I think we should sit down and talk about this and see if we can resolve it.' 'Cause Vivid, I started with them. It's like home. I've never worked for anybody else, so to me, it was just a weird thought to think about going with another company.”

It was quite a jolt, actually, she confessed, stating, “I was very shocked, because I've always been kind of a Vivid cheerleader. I do most of the promotions, and I'm always at the forefront of everything. So I was really shocked that that's the decision they decided to make.”

Now the two sides have come to terms, however, and Mercedez couldn't be happier. “I'm really happy. I wanted to stay with Vivid, I'm really comfortable with the directors and the production people and everybody in the office, so yeah, I was really happy that everything got fixed.”

The performer's contract now expires the first week of February 2006, when it will be up for renewal.