Memphis Monroe to Star in <i>Christmas in Memphis</i>

Hustler contract star Memphis Monroe on Thursday revealed that she would star in another Memphis-titled release next for Hustler Video.

“I’m going to be shooting a new movie in August which will be called Christmas in Memphis – I just found out about it today," said Monroe, who was on her first leg of a three-state signing sweep of Hustler Hollywood stores.

“I’m from Louisville, Kentucky and have been in the industry about a year and a half now and have been a contract girl for Hustler since November of '05. This is my first actual tour with Hustler.

“I just finished my huge feature with Hustler call Aphrodisiac which is due out in September. It is Hustler’s biggest budget film to date. I star in the film and play Aphrodite. It was a lot of fun. I had two scenes. It was a five-day shoot and I just got back to LA from shooting it two days ago. I worked with Evan Stone and Tommy Gunn – I love those two. This is the only movie to date where you can see the acting side of me since all of my other movies I just get to play Memphis.

“I love working for Hustler and Larry (Flynt). They take care of me – everywhere I go everything is taken care of.”

During her appearance at the Monroe store, the starlet signed copies of Backwoods of Memphis, the October Hustler and September Barely Legal magazines.

Monroe said that, if anything, she is becoming known as "the all-American girl next door who is also a naughty girl." With a sexy, mischievous smile, she added, “They see me as a sweet, innocent girl.”

Photo courtesy of Dirty Bob.