Melissa Lauren To Direct for Combat Zone

Performer/director Melissa Lauren has joined the slate of directors who will be creating material for Dion Giarrusso’s fledgling gonzo production company, Combat Zone.

Lauren will direct one title a month for the company and she couldn’t be happier, telling, “I had heard people speak very highly of Dion so I contacted him, we met and he seems like a very nice guy to me. He wants good product and I want to build a name as a director. I think it’s just a very good match.”

On her plans for her releases for Combat Zone, Lauren said, “Combat Zone is all about new girls so I am going to try to get the new girls into aggressive sex, not over the top S/M sex but very passionate, high energy sex.”

Of Lauren, Giarrusso said, “She’s a one-stop shop — she has thirty-thousand dollars worth of her own equipment and she came in and she was quiet and shy but she seemed focused and to know what she wants. I just sensed that she is someone who will get Combat Zone going in the direction that I want it to. I would compare her to being a Mason and a Jewel De’Nyle combined. This girl has it all. I’m just blessed to have her. Besides all that, she’s not hard on the eyes.”

Lauren will begin production on her first Combat Zone title next month and her first title for the company should be out in May. Lauren will also continue to direct the Hellfire Sex series for Pariah Pictures, which is distributed through JM Productions.