From the news room to the nude room?

Researching the world's oldest profession for a news story turned up one fact she Jennifer Lynn Sweet couldn't refuse - sex was both more enjoyable and more profitable than journalism.

So, while doing research for Popsmear magazine for an article about the Moonlight Bunny Ranch, Sweet decided to change careers, sort of. The 25-year-old journalist emeritus now works at the Bunny Ranch full time. She claims it's research for a novel she is writing, but she admits the on-the-job fact finding isn't all that bad.

The Wireless Flash news service says Sweet has done threesomes and mutual spankings so far but prefers men with smoking fetishes or foot fetishes because they tip bigger.

Over a week ago, the Moonlight Bunny Ranch made news by interviewing and hiring only a few of the prostitutes stranded when the more celebrated Mustang Ranch was shut down following a lengthy and controversial case involving tax and fraud charges.

Sweet has also posted her own Web site, JenLynn's Adult Fetish Pics and Fiction (, chronicling her three-way career as journalist, adult entertainer, and budding novelist, including photographs and stills from her self-made videos, Solo Sweet and Balloons, Smoke 'n' Heels.

Her fiction has appeared already in two anthologies of adult erotica, Awakening the Virgin and Early Embraces II, and another of her pieces - as her fictional alter ego Samuel Cross, a "gay he-man," she says - is due for publication in the adult anthology Rough Sex.