Mayhem To Release Tory Lane’s First Interracial

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – The latest installment of Mayhem's I Love Black Dick line features company contract starlet/director Tory Lane’s first interracial scene. I Love Black Dick 4, which Lane also directed, hits streets on Thursday.

“When [Sin City General Manager] Scott [Justice] approached me about directing this movie, I thought, ‘great!’” said Lane. “We began assembling an awesome cast and I thought, ‘why not?’ I’ve always said that I want to try everything in life at least once, and a hundred times if I like it, so I jumped right in and had an awesome time.”

“I couldn’t be more proud of Tory,” said Justice. “She stepped up to the plate as both a director and performer. As a director, she’s able to get the most out of her cast and as a performer, well, she’s in a league of her own.”

I Love Black Dick 4 also stars Sindee, Starla, Jennifer Dark, Brooke Scott and Carly.

Lane can also currently be seen in Tory Lane’s Bitches, Outkast and Dementia 5.

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