Max Writes From Prison On HIV

Re: Another Performer Confirmed HIV Positive

Dear Editor,

It was with a sincere sadness that I have recently read that another performer has tested positive for the HIV virus. To that person, I wish to express my sympathies, and a word or two of encouragement. In the not too distant past, a diagnosis of this type would have likely been a grave piece of news, and most certainly meant the end of life as you have come to know it.

However, much has changed since then, and many medical advancements have been made and many things learned. Today, one can expect to live a long and productive life, much like any other person, and in many cases even better because you now need to avoid the bad things that so-called normal people take for granted, like cigarettes and alcohol.

So, as the great statesman once put it, "This is not the end. This is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps the end of the beginning." From here on out, you will have many opportunities that you wouldn't otherwise have had, if you hadn't encountered this situation. Make the most of your life, and you will never have anything to regret, and many things to cherish as you grow old. Enjoy every moment of it, and you'll never be sad for long.

Most Sincerely,
Paul F. Little, AKA Max Hardcore
Federal Prisoner and Industry Hostage 44902-112