Max Hardcore Teams With JM Productions

It was announced jointly Friday afternoon that Max Hardcore has moved to JM Productions for distribution of his titles.

Having previously been handled by Exquisite Multimedia, this new partnership comes as a serendipitous turn in Hardcore's career, as well as one of the most significant pacts formed during the 2007 Adult Entertainment Expo.

“It’s a perfect fit for our company,” JM owner Jeff Mike told “I’ve known Max for a long time, we worked together at Legend [Video], and the timing was right. He approached me last night — and for a long time, he’s known he’s always been welcome to come to my company — and now it’s a done deal.”

Echoing that sentiment, Hardcore said, “I’ve been friends with [Mike] since the very beginning, going way back to the days of Zane Entertainment, and we know each other, we like each other, and the opportunity never came to get together until now.”

Explaining his decision to go with JM, Hardcore recounted, “I was by myself last night, and I took a walk and started thinking about what I’d like to do and what direction I’d like to go in, and I was standing by myself by the canal, and Jeff Mike walked up. I’d already made up my mind, and then he came up to me out of nowhere. It was a sign.”

Mike seemed still a bit dazed by the deal, guffawing, “I’m just speechless, because up until about an hour ago, I thought it was just drunk talk.”

But that, needless to say, it most certainly was not. “I felt it was time for a change," Hardcore said. "I’ve been with Exquisite for about four years — they’re good guys over there, I like them, I’ve got a lot of respect for them — but I just felt it was time to move the feet.”

“My hat’s off to AVN; it’s a pleasure to be at this show, and an honor to see the fans all the way down here from all over the world,” a visibly content Hardcore added. The director stated that his alliance with JM goes into effect immediately, with the first title most likely due in February.

“We’re gonna get going right away,” Hardcore exclaimed, “because we don’t fuck around. No further fucking around. Being that I’ve got a 44 Magnum between my legs, you gotta ask yourself, are you feeling lucky today? And I’m feeling very lucky.”