Max Hardcore: Spreading The Love

ALTADENA, Calif. – It's been said that the only great American expression of love in the last 100 years was Jackie Gleason's Music For Lovers Only. Take that, Doodletown Pipers! But that's taking a narrow view. It also doesn't take into account one Mr. Max Hardcore. Some people call him a sex cowboy; some call him a gangster of love…

On this Valentine's Day, caught up with Max as he prepared to eat some lunch in his luxurious Chateau du Max nestled in the foothill above Southern California's fabled San Gabriel Valley, or "the 626" as it's known to natives.

Max was expansive on this hearts and flowers kind of day. "We're here to spread the love," he says. "Valentine's Day is great because it's a worldwide event. In Belgium, over the red stoplights, there are heart cutouts to show the symbol of love. They're doing amazing things there."

But Max is most proud of what he's done to bring change to the world. "Look at what's happened since 1992," he says. "That's when women routinely showed up with a full bush on their pussies. Back then, a hot cumshot was on the tits. Nowadays, almost every woman is completely shaved…and they're all into getting throat-fucked and ass-gaped."

Max claims that this attitude is not restricted to the porn world, either. "A good place to see this is down in the clubs," says Max. "I don't have hard, empirical data to support this, but there's a lot of anecdotal evidence that backs this up. Women are much more understanding and aware of their true purpose in life than ever before. That purpose, of course, is to be receptacles of love; in other words, fuck dolls."

Asked if he had one bit of sage advice to give Americans on this day of love, Max answered, "To prevent unwanted pregnancy, practice the always-reliable anal sex."

Jackie Gleason? Move over, man. You have some competition.