Max Hardcore: Letter From a Former Inmate

ANTHONY, N.M.—The following letter, dated January 16, 2011, was received from Paul F. Little, Inmate #44902-112 and better known to the world as Max Hardcore:

"I hope that my last letter from prison finds you healthy and happy. I'm pleased to report once again that i'm feeling fine and am in superb spirits, especially since I will soon have some of my civil rights restored when I am finally freed from La Tuna Federal Prison on Friday, January 21st.

"I'll be picked up by my teammates in our specially-prepared 'recue squad' and returned to Los Angeles for what hopefully will be a short stay at the Gateways Halfway House near Dodgers Stadium. After a few weeks or so, I will be allowed to serve out the remaining five months of my sentence under home confinement.

"I've been eagerly awaiting the arrival of this occasion for two years, but I've not just stood still serving my sentence. No, sir; I've made the time serve me by working to improve myself and my relationships in ways which really matter.

"To this end, I embarked upon a personal fitness program when I self-surrendered all those many months ago, which has yielded remarkable results in both mind and body.

"More importantly, I also completed the intensive ten-month-long residential drug and alcohol treatment program, and as a result, I've finally been able to kick the unhealthy habits of smoking and drinking.

"All this effort has helped get my life back into balance and alowed me to put my priorities into their proper perspective. It's made me resolved to be a better man by being more caring and considerate of others, and also to make amends for my bad behavior of the past.

"I know that great challenges are ahead, but with the steady support of my family and friends, and the strength and stamina I have gained behind bars, I am certain that I will succeed in my personal and professional lives.

"I'd like to thank all the thoughful people who took the time out of their busy schedules to write to me over the last two years with words of comfort and encouragement.

"I can now be contacted at [email protected]

"I look forward to seeing you in person just as soon as it is permitted. have a good day, and a better tomorrow.


"Paul F. Little

"AKA America's Most Wanted Pornstar"