Matt Zane to Include Music Video in <i>Radium 2</i>

HOLLYWOOD - When Matt Zane releases Radium 2 next month, the music video he directed for the December Wolves song  "Porn Again Christian" will finally get a proper release.

The video was described as the "sickest video of all time" by Kerrang magazine. However, due the inclusion of pornographic elements, viewing the video became next to impossible.

However, the "Porn Again Christian" video will be included in Radium 2, a Matt Zane Production distributed through IVD.

"When we heard the idea about a video," said December Wolves guitarist Brian O'Blivion, "our first thought was 'No,' but when we found out it would be a video for 'Porn Again Christian' involving depraved filth created by porn legend Matt Zane, we quickly changed our minds. Fucking genius!"

Zane added, "It's just one of those perks that comes with a series like this. Now everyone in the metal community that have just heard stories over the years about this video will actually be able to see it in its entirety."

To a clip of the video, click here.

Radium 2 comes out April.