Matt Zane to Attempt World Suspension Record at AEE

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Pleasure Productions director Matt Zane will attempt to break the record for the longest body suspension on Jan. 11 at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in Las Vegas. The previous body suspension record was set in Times Square in 2002 by magician Criss Angel who hung for five hours and 40 minutes from eight steel hooks pierced through his skin.

Zane plans to add his own unique twist to the performance by using 4 hooks instead of 8. With only half as many hooks, each one will have to hold twice as much weight.

“I usually only like creating and attempting new suspensions so when I decided to top his record I had to do something that made it twice as intense,” said Zane.

Zane said his first goal is to reach the 3 hour mark, doubling Angel's record. After the 3 hour mark is reached, Zane will attempt to hang for an additional 3 hours.

“This is an amazing way to start off the new year,” said Zane. “People have really shown a new interest in my suspension performances within the adult community so I thought this would be a great way to bring it up close and personal. Not only do people get to see it with their own eyes they get to take pictures and be a part of history.”

The suspension will take place on Jan. 11 at noon in the Pleasure Productions booth. Everyone in attendance will be able to witness the piercings and suspension as well get autographs and pictures taken with Zane while he hangs. Pleasure Productions contract starlet Tera Wray and director Tom Byron will also be signing at the booth for the entire convention.