Matt Zane Pulls Unprecedented Sex Stunt in <i>Tattooed & Tight 3</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Director Matt Zane has upped the ante in the third installment of his Tattooed & Tight series.

Releasing this month through Evolution Distribution, Tattooed & Tight 3 features a scene in which Tricia Oaks performs a full hardcore sex scene and gets a the same time.

"The location of the tattoo is on the top of her shoulders," Zane told AVN. "So when he started the piece, Jenner came up and first stuck his dick in her mouth standing on one leg. But then the tattoo artist actually had her get up and bend over for part of the tattoo, and he was working on the top of her shoulders while she was bent over, and Jenner ran in from behind and started doing her from behind while she was getting tattooed."

Zane said he staged the stunt to keep the series from losing its edge.

"Every single scene in [the series], we kept doing a little more, and a little more," Zane said. "And then on this one, we actually had Tera Wray do a girl/girl with toys and the Cone and the whole bit while getting tattooed with Scarlett Pain, and we were like, 'That's cool, but we need to step it up a little more.'"

Zane claims Oaks had an orgasm during the scene. "She actually was able to come, believe it or not," he said. "If you look closely, you can actually see her coming down on her pussy while she's getting fuckin' tattooed. I mean, you can really tell she's fuckin' into it."

Tattooed & Tied 3 is scheduled to be released by Matt Zane Productions/Evolution Distribution Feb. 27. Also in the cast are Nadia Styles and Jandi Lin.

Trailers for the movie are available on YouTube and here.