Matt Zane Performance Rocks Lone Star Pornutopia

HOUSTON, Texas – Adult director and Society 1 frontman Matt Zane performed a guitar solo while being suspended at the Pornstar Utopia and Ink Tattoo Convention this past weekend in Houston, Texas. Zane was pierced in front of the crowd, stretched, then lifted into the air, all while playing guitar.

Although he has performed suspensions in the past, including one in front of over 40,000 people at the Download Festival, Zane said that the guitar solo added a new challenge. “This was a lot harder than I imagined. I guess that's why you’ve never seen anyone attempt it before. My movements were restricted and there was a lot of pain, but overall, I think I played well. I will tell you that I can probably outplay anyone if they had to put steel hooks in their back.”

After Zane played his guitar solo, he picked up Pleasure Productions contract starlet Tera Wray and spun around with her while the hooks were still in his back. The performance was filmed by HBO for an upcoming documentary.

Matt Zane recently released Tattooed & Tight 2 and will be releasing Punkd Ur Ass in the coming weeks which will include a suspension that was performed with Tera Wray while on Dave Navarro’s web show, “Spread Entertainment.”

Video of the suspension performance can be viewed here.