Matt Zane Inks Music Distribution Deal with MDI

LOS ANGELES - Director Matt Zane has signed a deal with MDI Distribution that will make music tracks from his porn videos available through iTunes.

Zane reached the agreement with MDI earlier this month while editing his latest movie, the porn-metal crossover video Radium Volume 2.  

"I was able to sing for the opening track [of Radium 2] that a platinum-selling artist played guitar on for the movie opener and after it was done I was blown away," Zane said. "I actually thought about asking if I could include it on my next Society 1 record. But the more I thought about it the more I knew people were not going to wait that long to hear the entire song."

Looking for another way to get his music out, Zane decided on iTunes as an ideal method. "They are the biggest and the best music download service and single tracks are made available for 99 cents," he said. "MDI distributes through them as well as other venues."

Established in 1984 in Dallas, TX, MDI Distribution has distributed such labels as Tommy Boy, TVT, Warlock, K-Tel and Ichiban, among others.

"Working with Matt Zane and Inzane Records has been one of the most intriguing and unique projects MDI Distribution has seen in its twenty-five years of operation," a company rep said. "Matt's intense passion for his art and lifestyle are clearly apparent in the music he produces. It is exciting to be involved with an artist who resides on the cutting edge of the entertainment industry."

Zane said he receives constant e-mails he receives inquiring about the availability of certain songs from his porn movies. The deal with MDI offers new ways for fans of the music in Zane's movies to obtain the complete songs. 

Radium Volume 2 is available now through Evolution Erotica and IVD.

Pictured: Matt Zane and Society 1 bassist Dirt.