Matt Zane Hooks Audience on Navarro Webcast

HOLLYWOOD - It's not every day that you witness somebody up close and personal getting pierced through the skin of their back with large metal hooks, and then hoisted into the air by those hooks.

Well that's what a small gathering of press and Hollywoodites experienced Thursday afternoon at a live broadcast of musician/porn consort Dave Navarro's internet show "Spread Entertainment" from The Dragonfly. The hoistee was comeback rock-porn auteur Matt Zane, and he pulled the stunt as a promotion for his return vehicle, Tattooed & Tight, and the upcoming Radium, both from Pleasure Productions.

Joining him was Pleasure contract girl Tera Wray, who stars in both titles and reacted pretty much the most squeamishly of anybody in the room to the proceedings, clapping her hands over her mouth and nose while her eyes practically exploded from her head at what she was seeing.

Navarro appeared more composed, though he commented to Zane while the four hooks were being inserted, "Man, we would have helped the video without you doing this."

Navarro then cued a clip from Tattooed & Tight to roll, while crew and observers moved to the next room, where the suspension ropes were waiting, dangling from a pulley in the ceiling.

As the members of CoRE (Constructs of Ritual Evolution, the professionals overseeing the stunt) fastened the ropes to the hooks in his back, Zane told the audience that he and Wray had a deal going -- if he pulled off the feat, she would blow him later.

When the CoRE guys began slowly retracting the rig, Zane calmly remarked, "They're starting to stretch the ropes now, and I'm acclimating to the pain."

Then, when he actually rose off the floor, he exclaimed, "Tattooed & Tight! Did I mention that?"

The CoRE crew proceeded to start him swinging, then spinning, continuously upping the speed.

"Oh my god, I don't like this!" Wray cried out.

But she was about to become part of the spectacle. Zane was lowered to the floor again and had her wrap her arms around his torso, after which the ropes were reeled back once more, pulling them both into the air.

After the show wrapped, we got a few comments from Wray on the experience: "I have never been freaked out so much in my whole entire life," she told us. "I have never been nervous, and I actually had butterflies in my stomach for that. Like, I can fuck in front of thousands, but I never want to do that again."

Asked what she thought Zane's stomach felt like during the caper, Wray replied, "Dude, I don't care what his stomach felt like, I want to know what his fuckin' back felt like!"

Well, we decided to ask Zane that very question, and here's what he said: "It's in a lot of pain. It's painful. There's a recovery time now of like a month, so there you go; I hope you enjoyed that 15 minutes, because now I get to suffer for the next four weeks."

How does he withstand such agony? "It's not about blocking out the pain, it's about perceiving the pain differently," he explained. "It's about accepting the pain, it's about getting inside the pain and traveling with it."

To prepare, Zane said he spent four weeks practicing "meditation, abstinence, yoga, cardio, diet ... I do a lot of things in conjunction with each other. No sex, no orgasm, no refined sugar, nothing. It goes on and on and on. It's a crazy thing, but I'm sure that was one of the better shows that they've had here on Dave's thing. I don't know what else is gonna top that."

For those who missed the show, Zane had brother Mark videotaping the goings-on for an upcoming project tentatively titled Punked Ass.

"The whole ... whatever that fuckin' shit we just did was called," Wray noted in parting, "it was actually started by the Native Americans, the Indians; and me being Cherokee Indian, I've been awakened to my cultural background just slightly, just a little bit. But in my cultural background, they let the hooks rip the flesh through, so he's got another step to go up."

Please, Matt Zane, don't take that as a challenge.

Photo of Dave Navarro, Matt Zane and Tera Wray by Gia Jordan.