Matt Zane Featured in 'Bizarre'

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. - This month's issue of UK magazine 'Bizarre' features an interview with "alt-porn godfather" Matt Zane about his record-breaking body suspension at the 2008 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo.

During the expo Zane hung for six hours from four metal hooks pierced through his back, breaking the previous record set in 2002 by magician Criss Angel.

“The last hour was completed by will alone,” Zane told Bizarre. “I was in excruciating pain. I started to go into shock, and my hands and feet were ice-cold. One of the hooks started to rip through my skin and I started getting auditory hallucinations. It was the most difficult experience I’ve ever been through.”

The feature article also plugs Zane's recent slate of movies from Evolution Distribution, including Tattooed and Tight, Radium and Punkd Ur Ass.

"Bizarre has been covering my projects for awhile now so I can always count on them to release interesting articles concerning everything that I do," said Zane. "I love that magazine because of the unique stories and angles they take on things, so it's always cool to be a part of it."

An excerpt from the article can be found here. For a sneak peek at Tattooed and Tight 3, click here.