Matt Zane Does Suspension Performance at Lone Star Pornutopia

HOLLYWOOD – Adult director and Society 1 front man, Matt Zane, will be suspended while playing guitar at the upcoming Pornstar Utopia and Ink Tattoo Convention in Houston, Texas. The performance will take place on November 10, the last day of the four-day expo.

Zane will be playing guitar with performance art suspension group Core. He will be pierced in front of the crowd, stretched, then lifted into the air while playing guitar. He will then swing around and pick up Pleasure Productions contract girl Tera Wray, with the band playing throughout the performance.

“After I was on the Dave Navarro show, the offers to suspend for a live audience have been a little overwhelming," said Zane. "As much as I like to entertain, one of my main concerns with anything I do is to keep the performance fresh. I didn't want to attempt 100 suspensions and have them all be the same. So it just so happened that I was asked to perform in Houston and that is where the other chapter of Core is located. They also have a musical director and musicians that play during their shows.

“So I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring my suspensions to the next level by playing guitar simultaneously while suspending and performing with the Core musicians. It's something that we hope to incorporate into Society 1 shows as well.”

Zane and Wray will be also promoting their latest production Tattooed & Tight 2 at the show.

Organizers of Pornstar Utopia and Ink Tattoo Convention, which is exclusively sponsored by Pleasure Productions and Evolution Distribution, recently moved the show to Houston’s Milan Pavilion (6603 Harwin).

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