Matt Zane Breaks Suspension Record

LAS VEGAS – Matt Zane broke Criss Angel's suspension record on Friday at 6:08 p.m. after hanging for six hours with four shark hooks through the skin of his back. Zane broke the record to promote his Pleasure Productions DVD series Punk'd Ur Ass, the first of which features a segment in which Zane undergoes a suspension.

After soundly breaking Angel's time record with only four hooks — Angel used eight — Zane was lowered to the ground amidst a raucous crowd that surrounded the Pleasure booth and counted down the final seconds.

"This is by far the most painful it's been the entire time," Zane said as his piercing crew began removing the hooks from his back. "If I pass out now, I apologize."

For the duration of the suspension, Zane seemed completely relaxed, talking on his cell phone, reading, exercising his legs, meditating in the lotus position and displaying copies of his DVD Punkdurass to the crowd. Perhaps one of the most memorable moments of the suspension occurred when porn starlet Ann Marie entered the booth and gave Zane a mock blowjob. "Something to take my mind off it," Zane said as Ann Marie's head bobbed back and forth in his lap.