Matt Zane Announces 'Punkd Ur Ass' Contest

VAN NUYS, Calif. - Director Matt Zane has launched a nationwide search for wacky stunt ideas to use in his Evolution Distribution series Punkd Ur Ass.

Zane is calling on 'crazed fans' to submit their ideas in writing along with a coupon from the box cover of the newly released Punkd Ur Ass 3. The director will fly one lucky winner to Los Angeles to perform the stunt for use in Punkd Ur Ass 4. If the stunt succeeds, the contestant will win the Grand Prize: sex with a porn star.

"I will be looking for an outlandish stunt but it also has to be funny," Zane said. "That's the key. I want my fans to get creative. The more over-the-top your submission is, the better your chance of winning."

Past stunts include being pelted with paint balls with only a jockstrap for protection, shopping nude at a convenience store, taking on a sumo wrestler and jumping out of a plane. All entries must be submitted in written form (no videos) and contestants must be over 18 to enter.

For full details, pick up Punk Ur Ass 3. The DVD will be available Wednesday in stores and online at 

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