Mass. Trooper Faces Reprimand for Ron Jeremy Photo Op

BOSTON — One of the state troopers who apprehended the drunk driver responsible for the crash last week involving the XXXChurch tour bus may be facing reprimand from his superiors for posing in a picture with Ron Jeremy on the scene.

According to website BostonNOW, the trooper, whose name has not been released, is having his actions reviewed by the State Police. The tour bus held the entourage of the "Great Porn Debate," a traveling presentation put on by the XXXChurch in which the group's founder, pastor Craig Gross, spars with Jeremy on the subject of porn before live audiences.

In a statement to, a state police spokesman said: "The Massachusetts State Police strives to maintain the highest standards, integrity and ethics when investigating any and all matters pertaining to public safety. The information provided on this incident will be forwarded for review and any correction action deemed appropriate by our Division of Standards and Training."

At the trooper's request, Craig Gross has removed the photo of him and Jeremy from his XXXChurch blog.