Mason No Longer With Hustler

Director Mason has left Hustler Video, helming one yet-to-be released production during her time there.

Creative director of LFP Video Kat Slater told, “LFP’s recent new creative vision is headed a different direction than was previously planned. Mason made a decision that this direction was not right for her. I am and always will be a huge Mason fan and we are excited to have her movie releasing for us in September under VCA.”

Of her departure, Mason said, “Hustler decided to head in another direction than was originally mapped out and seeing where they were headed, I had no choice but to leave.”

Mason was formerly with Elegant Angel and then with Platinum X Pictures. She has directed edgy, critically acclaimed videos such as the AVN Award-winning Lady Fellatio In The Doghouse} for Elegant and the Riot Sluts series for Platinum X.

Mason was originally contracted to direct twelve productions in a year for Hustler.

Mason would not confirm any future plans to