Mary Carey Totally Busted in Washington

Kick Ass Pictures’ contract star Mary Carey was arrested late Friday night on a misdemeanor charge of public indecency while performing at the Paradise Club in Lakewood, Wash.

“She violated the four-foot rule,” Kick Ass publicist Jef Hickey told, “she was topless within four feet of a customer, which is against the vice rules there. They arrested her for that and for touching another woman within the establishment. She was released on $500 bail. The vice arrested two [Paradise Club] managers, another dancer and Mary. They were pretty much after the club. The club had been shut down once before for the same thing. They were pretty much after them, Mary just happened to be caught in the crossfire, that’s all.”

Carey was booked, photographed, fingerprinted, outfitted in a brown jumpsuit and locked in a holding cell by herself. Her bail was posted by the club.

“According to Mary,” Hickey said, “one of the officers said, ‘Now you’re totally busted,’” a reference to the Playboy TV show “Totally Busted” that Carey has hosted.

“They’re trying to charge me with something that didn’t happen, basically,” Carey said. “I’m not very happy with the situation. They’ve been harassing this club; the last two weeks they’ve been bothering the club non-stop. The porn star that featured at the grand opening got in more trouble than me because no one told her she couldn’t do full-nude Polaroids and she did full-nude Polaroids, but they have this law here that you have to be fully-clothed, four feet away from the customer. I did [comply with the rule], I stayed on the pedestal. They were going to get me any way they could, because their goal is to shut this club down. By arresting the two managers they couldn’t open the club the next day. They do the raids every time the porn stars are there because they know it’s the biggest crowds and it will get word out that they’re busting this club a lot. It was crazy. I’m never going back to Lakewood.”

According to Carey, she got her performing permit but did not receive “the rule book” at the time. She said she did her first show, a very tame version where she stayed on the stage’s third level, furthest away from the crowd. She said that she suspected that undercover cops were there for her second show.

“As I was walking in my robe to the dressing the room, the guy at the door said, ‘Do you know so and so? He says he knows you.’ It was a friend I hadn’t seen in forever and I walked to the door and as we were talking three or four cops walked by and I didn’t know what they were doing. They didn’t say anything, so I was going to leave before anything did happen. They got me as I was trying to leave. They handcuffed me without reading me my [Miranda] rights and they put me in a cop car. I asked them why I was being arrested and they said, ‘You should know the rules.’”

Carey said that she intends to fight the charges, contending she did nothing wrong.

This afternoon, Carey’s attorney, James Gazori, said that “as of noon today, no charges had actually been filed and I’m still waiting to hear from the city attorney’s office. For the time being we’re still trying to figure things out ourselves.”