Mary Carey To Appear on 'Tyra Banks'

PORN VALLEY – We caught up with the one and only Mary Carey on her way to shoot a masturbation scene for her upcoming movie, Blondes Do It Better – "I did a lot of girl/girl; that was my primary thing I've done for so many years, and I've always liked blondes, so I figured, why not make it an all-blonde movie?" – when she told us about her reunion with her "Celebrity Rehab" buds on the "Tyra Banks Show."

"Tyra's exciting because she's bringing back half the cast from the VH-1 show," Mary said excitedly. "'Celebrity Rehab' was number one on Thursday nights in our time slot on cable; it was nine one-hours episodes, and the tenth episode was an hour-and-a-half on VH-1. It's taping April 1st; I don't know when it airs. I think it's about a week or two later. I don't think they're going to wait too long considering the last episode of our show was two weeks ago, so they'll want it up there fairly quickly. It's basically like a reunion. We did a reunion already for VH-1, but I think Tyra's got a lot more viewers."

Joining Mary on the Tyra show will be Celeb Rehab castmates Jeff Conaway, star of Grease and "Taxi"; UFC heavyweight champ Rico Rodriguez; and wrestler/porn star Chyna ... and of course, their therapist, Dr. Drew Pinsky.

And as usual, Mary was able to tell us of a few events while shooting "Celebrity Rehab" that never made it on the air.

"I'm so mad, because the first episode, I came into rehab with all these dildos and stuff, a strap-on and a whole bunch of vibrators, and they took them all away from me and never gave them back to me," Mary complained. "I'm kind of upset about that. I did 'Loveline' with Dr. Drew about a month ago, and I said, 'You know, I still haven't gotten my dildos back,' and he thought that was kind of strange that they didn't return them to me, but who knows? It was funny, though."

"I love Dr. Drew; he's so amazing," she continued. "But we do have some differences of opinion. One of the things they edited out of the show is, he's like – four days a week I had meetings with him one on one. He stated to me that he believed I was raped and molested as a child; that's his belief about pretty much everyone in – and I told him, I said, 'I was never raped and molested, Drew. I think I was overly attentioned with my ballet, and I like to be the center of attention, I like being in front of the camera.' And he used to argue with me about repressed memories about being molested, and I spent a couple of days thinking really hard, like maybe I was and I can't remember it, but then I was like, 'No, Drew, I was never raped or molested as a child. I know I wasn't.' And so that was a difference of opinion which they never aired. They edited nine one-hour episodes out of 21 days, 24 hours a day of filming, so they were able to manipulate things the way they wanted to."

But her appearance on the show has had an unexpectedly positive effect – besides curtailing her overindulgence in Xanax and vodka.

"What's most interesting for me, after doing the VH-1 show, so many women have talked to me and so many younger people," she said. "On my MySpace page, I always read my mail, and there used to be a lot of guys writing me about porn and stuff, and now I have so many girls writing me about how, because of me, they've stopped drinking and they found me inspirational and I'm glad I was able to help people."

"After my momma jumped off the building," she explained, "I used to take Xanax, which is an antidepressant, and Xanax combined with vodka is bad, so after I graduated from the show, I haven't touched Xanax and I don't drink vodka or Jaeger[meister] anymore, but I still drink wine occasionally. And then I just got back into the whole 12-step program again, and attending meetings, and now I've been sober for two months. I'm really enjoying everything."

"I spoke at an AA meeting on Tuesday, and I definitely think it's something people should know. I mean, I never knew Xanax was that bad. I mean, I was prescribed them, so I didn't know Xanax was such a bad pill, and Dr. Drew said that withdrawal from Xanax is actually worse than the withdrawal from crack or heroin. Because I was like, I just drink, and I never was someone who woke up and drank all day or 'If I don't get my drink ...' but when I would socially drink, I would drink too much. If I went out somewhere to drink, I would just keep going, and that was something I had to learn not to do. That's when alcoholism is a disease. I'm also part Cherokee Indian, and Dr. Drew said it's true that Native American people really can't drink normally. It's definitely changed me a lot."

"When I was doing my pre-interview for the Tyra show," Mary recalled, "the thing I had to clarify was, they were like, 'So when you were drinking and taking Xanax, did you have to do that to shoot your scenes?' I was like, 'No, I was never like, in order to suck dick on camera, I had to be drunk. I was never like that. I think I only drank maybe during two scenes in my whole career, and it wasn't like, if I don't get drunk, I can't do this; it was because I was an alcoholic, and I was like, I want to drink and have some fun.' That's definitely something I want to make sure is known on the Tyra show; I don't want them to think that for me, it was ever like, if I don't have my pill or I don't have my drink, I can't do porn. It's like I told them, it was never like that."

Mary will also be doing the Alan Colmes radio show Monday night (9 p.m. Pacific time), just got back from blockbuster dance gigs in Philadelphia, Pa. and Battle Creek, Mich., will be lobbying with the Free Speech Coalition in Sacramento on April 21, and is in talks with her mainstream agent to do an autobiography, and possibly also her own reality TV show. That all will be on top of promoting her new movie, Mary Carey Rocks 2, the third release from Mary Carey Productions; a clip of which can be seen on this site.

But ... "I like being busy," she giggles. "I wouldn't want it any other way."