Mary Carey Still Running, Still Enjoying The Limelight

Mary Carey might not actually win the recall race for governor – but it won’t be for the lack of campaigning. Tonight she’ll appear on MTV's Tom Green Show, next week she tapes for the Today Show and she’s just posed for a profile in the New York Times Magazine – and that’s just a fraction of the mainstream media she’s pulled in since she began her campaign earlier this month.

“It’s all very exciting," Carey told "A month ago is someone had told me I would be running for governor I would have been like, ‘Yeah right.’” 

Since starting her campaign in California’s recall race the Kick Ass Pictures contract-performer has received international media exposure with a frequency that for the adult entertainment industry has only been seen lately by Shane’s World Studios and Jenna Jameson.

“I wake up every day and do radio shows in the morning,” Carey said. “Then I go through whatever other interviews I have. It never stops.” 

Not that she’s complaining. She’s been on every network multiple times, she’s regularly mentioned in every print news outlet in America, and she’s even being featured in a TV series on the Game Show Network with Gary Coleman. “He was cute – I just wanted to throw him in the air and catch him,” Carey said about her diminutive fellow candidate.

“I like doing the news shows. I always get really excited. I love hearing my name, my porn name, and seeing on that news shows. It turns me on,” Carey giggled.

She also loves hearing the jokes the late night shows tell about her. “It’s so funny when you watch a late show and you hear a joke about yourself. I can’t even explain how weird it is,” she said. 

Carey has even been recruited to do a public service announcement encouraging the use of condoms.

All of her hard work isn’t improving her rating in the polls (She claims to have a 0.005 percent rating) but she still keeps getting media exposure. “I think I’m going to keep saying intelligent things in a bubbly manner because that’s who I am. It’s my brand,” Carey said. 

And her brand is working – she’s starting to be recognized on the street. “The other day a new girl at a store I go to all the time recognized me. She was pretty cute. I think that’s pretty cool,” Carey said.

To help raise her profile, Carey is seeking campaign contributions. Her campaign cyberquarters, includes a PayPal option for campaign contributions. Her much publicized offer to go on a date for a $5,000 campaign contribution has received a few nibbles, but her campaign staff is still doing background checks on the people who have offered.

The New York Post retracted their previously published story that someone had gone on a date with Carey and had a horrible time. Turned out they didn't check their facts - Carey didn't even know the guy, much less show him a bad time. Today the Post made it up to her with another plug for her campaign. 

In other Carey news, her campaign dropped some excess baggage when her husband Eric packed his things and returned to Florida after learning that the gubernatorial candidate/porn star had started doing boy/girl scenes without his knowledge or consent. 

“Yesterday I had to do a recording for a public service announcement and I was pulling some videos out and Eric walked up as I had Club Carrie, where I do a scene with Ben English, in my hand,” Carey told

The box cover included photos of Carey having sex with Ben English and Trevor Zen. Not wanting a confrontation, Carey tried to hide the video from her husband. 

“He started going nuts and threatened to cripple me if didn’t show him the cover. Finally he said he was going to leave me if I didn’t show him the cover,” said Carey.

Carey decided not to show him the cover. “He knew. But it was still better than letting him actually see the photos. He would have really freaked out then,” she said. 

The marriage had lasted for two and a half years – most of it rocky.

“I don’t like being in a dishonest relationship. So this is better,” said Carey, who is filing for divorce today.