Mary Carey Signs Deal with K-Beech

Adult starlet and ex-California gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey has signed a six-picture deal with K-Beech Video, Inc. The titles will be directed by Cash Markman and released through the company’s BACKEND Productions label.

As part of the newly-inked non-exclusive agreement, Carey will be signing for K-Beech during the Adult Entertainment Expo. Carey will appear at the K-Beech booth (#5013) on Friday afternoon from 12-4 and on Saturday from 1-5 pm.

"Things happened very quickly," K-Beech CEO Kevin Beechum said of the deal. "Mary's very popular across the board, the fans love her, she's one of the biggest acts on the feature dance circuit and she's crossed over into mainstream like no one before her."

“I’m going to be starting my own company, Mary Carey Productions,” the 26-year-old starlet told “While this deal is going on, I’ll be shooting only for K-Beech and my own company. This is going to be the year of Mary Carey the businesswoman, not Mary Carey the party girl.”

Carey, who parted ways with Legend Video in December, has been making news headlines of late due to a trademark dispute with pop diva Mariah Carey. “It’s time for me to capitalize on the Mary Carey name,” she said. “I’ve been getting a lot of mainstream coverage lately; I’m going to be on Howard Stern on January 31. The first K-Beech title is shooting really soon – this will be the first movie I’ve done with four boy-girl scenes.”

Carey also revealed that she is planning a hip-hop album for 2007. “I can’t name any names, but I’ve got some very influential people in the hip-hop world helping me out,” she said. “I’m hoping to start recording in about a month.”

In the meantime, Carey is preparing for AEE with a “detox diet” of water and cayenne pepper. “I’ve got an investor who’s hired a security guard for me in Vegas,” she added. “I’m going to be on time for everything, not drinking as much. I’m meeting with a lot of different distributors to see who gives me the best deal for Mary Carey Productions.”

On Jan. 12, Carey will host an after-hours party at the Empire Ballroom (3765 Las Vegas Blvd. South) from 3- 4 a.m.

For sales for Backend Productions, call Ray Burke at (818) 772-4201, ext. 121.