Mary Carey Pokes Fun at VH1 in 'Celebrity Pornhab With Dr. Screw'

LOS ANGELES — Mary Carey has returned to porn after a three-year hiatus, exploiting her exposure on VH1's "Celebrity Rehab" and "Sober House" in Red Light District's Celebrity Pornhab With Dr. Screw.

Arriving Tuesday, June 2, the movie trashes the exploitative tropes of reality TV as it pokes fun at the antics of drug-addled Hollywood celebrities and the boob-tube therapy of addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky.

“There are so many spoof movies, but not often do you see a parody starring the person who was really on the show,” Carey told AVN. “When I did 'Celebrity Rehab,' I decided I was going to put a hold on my adult career. Then I did ['Celebrity Rehab' spin-off] 'Sober House,' and after that, I realized that I really missed doing movies. Porn is where I started. If it wasn't for me being the porn girl who ran for governor, I never would have gotten on those VH1 shows.”

Known for its blockbuster success with the Paris Hilton sex tape 1 Night in Paris, Red Light District approached Carey with the idea for the 'Celebrity Rehab' spoof. The studio hopes to launch an ongoing line of parodies featuring the actress, including a sequel to Dr. Screw.

“We were shocked to learn that Mary Carey was interested in getting back into the adult film business after vowing never to make another X-rated film again,” said Maestro Claudio, who collaborated with an unidentified “mystery director” on the movie. “We were so excited at this opportunity, we decided to push the envelope and make a highly controversial, shocking film — but one that audiences are going to love for the extreme comedic elements. We can guarantee that even the most die-hard porn fan hasn’t seen this before.”

In the X-rated rehab, Mary is not a patient; as Nurse Carey, she plays a role not unlike Dr. Drew's real-life rehab associate Shelly Sprague. AVN Hall of Fame actor Mike Horner co-stars as Dr. Screw.

“In this rehab, the patients keep doing their drugs and alcohol,” Carey told AVN. “And of course, everybody has sex. I did a girl/girl scene with Lexxi Tyler, who plays Tanya Clitaen. It's the most insane, funniest adult movie in years; it's a crazy look at pop culture, drug culture and what these reality shows are really like.”

Another one of Pinsky's reality TV patients also stars in the new flick. Soon after she wrapped her role in the porn spoof, well-known XXX actress Penny Flame was cast in the upcoming series "Celebrity Rehab: Sex Addiction." She has since renounced on-camera sex as a result of Dr. Drew's counseling.

“When you're in that surrounding, it's easy to get into that [anti-porn] state of mind, but eventually you have to go back to the real world and make a living,” Carey said. “I love Dr. Drew, and I think he's a great guy, but I think it's hypocritical of him. He has adult film stars on 'Loveline' all the time — he does a radio show all about sex.”

AVN asked Carey for the real story behind her reality TV “recovery” from substance abuse. “On the show, they made it look like I was [in rehab] because of alcohol, but I was really there to quit Xanax,” she said. “They're filming you 24 hours a day for 25 days, so a lot gets left out. I was taking Xanax for two-and-a-half years, and if you stop cold-turkey, you can have seizures. Dr. Drew told me it's worse than kicking heroin. He prescribed me a non-addictive medication for sleep called Seroquel. I still drink, but I haven't taken a Xanax since July 27, 2007.”

On the show, Dr. Drew warned Carey that she could only achieve sobriety by leaving her porn-star persona behind. She isn't buying that advice. “Porn didn't make me drink or use drugs,” she said. “I always liked to drink, since I was in college. I don't think there's any correlation between that and addiction to drugs and alcohol. AA says you can't make a normal drinker out of an alcoholic, but I'm trying to do it in moderation. I stick to wine!”

And what of Carey's fellow "Celebrity Rehab" alumni? “Jeff Conaway is doing great,” Carey said. “He's been very supportive. His girlfriend Vicki wanted to be in the movie!”

You won't see Conaway or his girlfriend in any hardcore porn movies — yet — but Dr. Screw does feature Kyle Stone as “Cock Rockaway,” Clare Dames as “Korea,” Jack Vegas as “Sniffy Sniffrock,” Jordan Lane as “Pito Whoretease,” and Aiden Starr as “Hillary Muff.”

Meanwhile, Carey is working on more mainstream and adult projects. She has signed a deal to develop her own TV series with Go Go Luckey Productions, the reality team behind "Laguna Beach" and "Paranormal State." She is working with a ghost-writer on her autobiography, and just launched a new official Website through Adult Star Profits at

What would Dr. Drew say? "I don't know what Dr. Drew is going to make of this movie, but I hope he thinks it's funny,” Carey said.

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