Mary Carey On 'Loveline' Tonight

LOS ANGELES - Mary Carey is back in the media spotlight thanks to her reality TV role on VH1's top-rated series "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew."

Carey will appear tonight on syndicated radio program "Loveline" with "Celebrity Rehab" doc Drew Pinsky. Later in the week, she will guest on two Philly-based morning radio shows to promote her feature dance appearance at the grand re-opening of the Creekside Cabaret Feb. 14 -16.

"I'm doing the Kidd Chris show, which took over for Opie and Anthony, on Thursday," Mary told AVN, "and then on Friday I'm doing Preston and Steve. All while still being on the next five episodes of 'Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew' on VH1, which just placed third in our demographic and time slot on Thursday nights at 10 p.m."

'Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew' features Carey alongside Jeff Conaway, Joanie "Chyna Doll" Laurer, Bridgette Nielsen, Daniel Baldwin, Jessica Sierra, Seth "Shifty" Binzer, Jaimee Foxworth and Ricco Rodriguez. 

"If you go to, you can watch highlights and extras from the show," Carey continued. "The last episode was very dramatic because Daniel Baldwin and I were doing inappropriate text messages. They brought Sharon Mitchell to counsel me in the last episode. They're like, 'We've got a surprise counselor for you,' I walk in the room, it's Sharon. I'm like, 'Hey, Sharon.' Drew was so upset that I already knew her."

Dr. Drew also is dead-set, according to Mary, in his belief that she was molested as a child.

"I've spent days and days trying to think about it," she said. "I'm like, 'I really don't think I was molested, Drew.' He's convinced that everyone who's done porn was; he says I have suppressed memories. I'm like, 'I think I was overly attentioned [sic] as a child. I think because I'm an attention whore, that's what got me into porn.' And Drew's like, 'No. You were molested.'"

Mary also mentioned that not only is she about to shoot a "Celebrity Rehab" reunion show, but she's in talks with the producers to do her own spin-off show. Carey has also been featured in recent issues of People and O magazines in connection with the series.

"A lady from Oprah's magazine came and sat in with all of us after we did rehab, and they talk about me and Daniel Baldwin and stuff,." Carey said. "And then People magazine had called to interview each of us briefly, how we're doing after rehab. I had to go buy two copies of [O], because I'm like, 'I doubt I'm ever going to be in Oprah's magazine again in my life.'"

To hear Mary on "Loveline," tune in to KROQ 106.7 FM at 10 p.m. tonight in the Los Angeles area, or go to to find a local station and time.

The Creekside Cabaret is located at 3225 Advance Lane, Colmar, PA 18915. For more info, call (215) 822-2886