Mary Carey Makes VH1's <i>Most Outrageous Celebrity Moments</i> Special

Kick Ass Pictures contract performer (and former gubernatorial candidate) Mary Carey won the "coveted" #14 slot in VH1’s heavily promoted four-and-a-half-hour blockbuster special 100 Most Outrageous Celebrity Moments.

Technically, the slot belonged to the California Gubernatorial Recall Election, but Mary Carey was the prime focus of the segment.

“Mary Carey’s my favorite gubernatorial candidate,” comedian Greg Fitzsimmons opined during the segment, “just because I’ve always admired her positions.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper agreed, adding, “When you can have Gary Coleman and a porn star in the same race, you just gotta think, ‘God Bless America.’”

Carey wasn't even aware that she was on the special until a commercial for it aired while she watching another VH1 special, on kissing, that she was consulted on as an "expert."

Continuing with the political career that made her world famous, Mary Carey is going to be part of the Free Speech Coalition’s lobbying force during their upcoming April 26-27 trip to Sacramento.

“I can’t wait to meet some of these legislators, and help them to see our point of view on certain issues,” Carey remarked. “And from what I’ve heard, there’s quite a few legislators who can’t wait to meet me!”