Marti Wins Italian Award On Eve of New <i>ProfessiAnals</i>

Italian performer/director Denis Marti won the award for Best Italian Actor at the Delta di Venere adult convention last week in Torino, Italy, just days before the release of his newest anal epic, The ProfessiAnals 9, for Hustler Video.

“I couldn't believe it when they announced my name,” Marti gushed. “I was so honored. It makes me feel good when I get recognized in my homeland for doing what I truly love to do, and that is to make love to beautiful women.”

Executives at Hustler were quite pleased with the news. Stated creative director Drew Rosenfeld, “Denis is a great porn performer and an exciting director. The girls really seem to love working with him.”

Marti has directed a few videos in the U.S., but prefers to shoot the ProfessiAnals line in the Czech Republic, where the supply of gorgeous girls who enjoy anal sex is virtually unlimited.

“Oh my, I have such an endless number of hot babes that love doing anal sex scenes here,” he enthused. “I think that the Hustler customers are really going to love this movie. Working with Hustler is great because this company is famous around the entire world. Everywhere I go, people ask me about Larry Flynt and Hustler. It's just fantastic.”

The ProfessiAnals 9 hits stores Tuesday.