Markus Dupree Partners With Industry Vets to Launch

LOS ANGELES—When you meet AVN’s reigning Male Performer of the Year, one of his most obvious characteristics is his extraordinary energy. A slender, handsome Russian, Markus Dupree bubbles over with excitement when he starts talking about his passions—as he did when making his two acceptance speeches during the 2018 AVN Awards Show, thanking as many directors as possible before the band played him off the stage.

That indefatigable enthusiasm is also evident in the next big thing coming from Dupree. Partnering with industry veteran Ivan Kirillov, and software development and investment expert Constantine, Dupree is launching an adult studio operating out of Los Angeles.

Kirillov and Constantine are in charge of the business side, and Dupree works on creative production matters. Dupree talks up the content with gusto, showing elegant footage of his scenes with adult stars Mia Malkova and Gina Valentina. And he’s got another new one on his phone that hasn’t been posted yet, so he shows off an erotic tease scene featuring lithe and beautiful Vicki Chase.

Dupree introduces us to Constantine, who answers in the affirmative when asked if Dupree is well-known in his native Russia. “He is one of the most famous porn actors—he is number one,” Constantine asserts. Russian fans, he says, “are really interested in watching Markus Dupree work. They really support him. He is a porn hero in Russia.”

Constantine talks about the new company, explaining that “VogoV is a ‘child’ from three parents: Markus, Ivan and I. Each of us has different areas of expertise and responsibilities. Together we're experiencing synergy … 1+1+1=4. The 4 is VogoV.”

But it’s not just the glossy teasers on VogoV that grab attention. Behind the scenes, VogoV is a different type of venture in some significant ways.

First, members will subscribe using a cryptocurrency called OGO Coin that gives them access to a network that includes the sites, and Using OGO Coin benefits porn fans by providing a discounted membership subscription priced at a third of what it would be using a fiat currency like the U.S. dollar. And it’s also a secure and anonymous alternative to traditional billing methods.

Constantine, whose responsibilities include serving as the token sales manager, shares the details on the initial offering of OGO coin.

Constantine continues, “One of the aspects of our token sale that has not been highlighted that we already have two advisers: Bridgette B. and Rocco Siffredi. And also I think it would be beneficial for your readers to find out that VogoV is not only a token sale. …. We are developing a cryptocurrency infrastructure that’s composed of a payment solution, a marketplace and a cryptocurrency exchange. These three solutions interconnect with each other and they have a single entry point that is a cryptocurrency wallet that’s going to be released soon.”

But on top of creating a studio supported by cryptocurrency, the VogoV team is thinking outside the box in another way. “We are bringing a new concept of a porn studio,” Constantine says. Calling the studio “decentralized and interactive,” he explains that OGO coin holders will have the possibility of voting on the video production process.

According to a white paper on the new company, “The decision-making process will be held on a voting platform that is not only decentralized and transparent, but also anonymous. Every token holder will be able to vote on the content to be filmed, on scenarios, on participating actresses and actors, and on other aspects within the voting charter.”

That voting charter will set voting rules, procedures and any limits to the voting process, and it will be adopted during the first monthly vote of the VogoV studio. And according to the white paper, “If the charter does not pass its initial vote, the voters will identify and address the contentious issues before going through the voting process again.”

So, how does one get in on the ground floor with VogoV? According to Constantine, people will have a chance to buy OGO Coin during the pre-crowd sale, which runs August 21-31, and the first round of the crowd sale, held September 26 through November 14. For more information, visit

And to see Dupree’s content, visit

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