Markman and Platinum Blue Revive <i>Sex Trek</i>

AVN Hall of Fame writer/director Cash Markman has teamed up with Platinum Blue Productions to create new installments of the series dearest to his heart, Sex Trek, with the first of them, Sex Trek: Where No Man Has Cum B4, out this week.

No Man marks the sixth volume of the series, and the first to be produced since 1999, with original cast members Randy Spears and Mike Horner reprising their respective roles as Captain Quirk and Officer Sperm. The supporting cast includes Rita Faltoyano, Katie Morgan, Gabrielle Dreams, Malibu, and Vicky Vette.

"For seven years, these scripts were in my back pocket," Markman told, explaining that several attempts to get them made fell through for one reason or another before Platinum got behind them. His affection for the series, and his persistence in keeping it alive, make perfect sense, though, considering this tidbit: "I wrote for 'Star Trek.' Not the original — I'm not that old — I wrote for 'Star Trek: The Next Generation.' Under a different name. But I won't tell you the name I used, nor the episodes that I did.

"So I had my tour of duty stripes with 'Star Trek,'" Markman continued, "and I thought, who better to rip it off?"

Clarifying that he did, in fact, make two 'Next Generation' spin-offs, Markman explained that No Man is a return to the main series, which spoofs the original 'Star Trek' TV show. "How can you beat Randy Spears doing a William Shatner impression and Mike Horner doing a Leonard Nimoy impression?" he said. "I mean, that's as good as it gets!"

Then again, maybe it gets even better, if you add Ron Jeremy to the mix as a character named "Harry Balls."

"Where No Man Has Cum B4 is a take-off on two classic episodes of 'Star Trek," Markman explained, "and I blended them together. One of them was called 'Space Seed,' and it was the one with Khan, which inspired the movie The Wrath of Khan, where he's on a sleeper ship with a bunch of people that escaped 20th century Earth, and now they've been woken up 200 years in the future.

"So I took that idea," he went on, "and then I took another idea, that they had this recurring character on the original series called 'Harry Mudd' — big, overweight guy, real hairy, hairy back and everything, with a handlebar mustache — and there was this episode called 'Mudd's Women' where he had these three prostitutes that he was taking out into space to deliver to some miners on a remote mining colony, and get paid to deliver them wives. And I thought, if I could get Ron Jeremy to play that character … 'cause he looks like that guy that used to play that character. 

"So they find a sleeper ship, and they're from the 20th century, just like Khan," Markman continued, "but instead of Khan in the sleeper tubes, it's Harry Balls and his three women. And that's this first one that's coming out." 

As to how he was able to wrangle Randy Spears, who has been on exclusive contract to Wicked Pictures for over a year, Markman replied, "We shot it days before he went under contract with Wicked. We rushed it. And if you look at it closely, you can tell that the paint in the bridge isn't even dry yet. We literally were painting the bridge the morning that we started shooting, 'cause we had to get those shot before he was no longer available. And we did two back-to-back, 'cause if you're gonna build that damn ship, you're gonna shoot more than one episode."

The other episode, Sex Trek: Charly XXX is due out May 16. And Markman promises that both it and No Man are better than any of their predecessors.

 "Each time, we have to outdo ourselves," Markman said, "and these are head and shoulders above [volumes 1-5]. I think the scripts are better, I think the sets are better, and I think that they're just stockpiled full of in-jokes that the Trekkies are gonna get, all the little gags that anybody who's really into that show or remembers that show, or who is watching it now as it's resurfacing, are gonna get. So I think they're better than we've done."

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