Marina Pacific to Distribute Dark Alley

Marina Pacific Distributors will become the exclusive distributor of Dark Alley Media videos, the companies announced in a press release today.

New York City-based Dark Alley Media is known for its dark, gritty style. Its first release, Mutiny, won the 2005 Best Specialty Release: Extreme trophy at the recent GAYVN Awards show. Dark Alley Media was founded in 2004 by performers Matthias von Fistenberg, Owen Hawk, and Tim Rusty.

The company is slated to produce six A-line productions, and six films from its Unscripted series this year. The first DAM titles available through Marina Pacific will be LeatherPunks and FistingPunks, which will be released on May 15.

“We want a distribution company that appreciates our dedication to making the highest quality films, and equally commits to our success helping us leap to the next level," said von Fistenberg, owner and president of DAM. “It is exactly this commitment that attracted us to Marina Pacific.”

Earlier this year, Dark Alley Media collaborated on a two-part production, The Show 1-2, with Pitbull Productions. It was this collaboration that sparked Pitbull to bring DAM to the attention of its distributor, Marina Pacific. “When you’ve worked hard to make a film like The Show, that you know is good, you need a distribution company that’s willing to work as hard as you to stand behind the product," said Edwardo Militello, executive producer at Pitbull. "We wanted to extend that relationship with Marina Pacific to our friends at DAM.”

With over 40 exclusive lines, Marina Pacific Distributors is the world-leader in gay video distribution. Nicholas Boyias, CEO of Marina Pacific, said, “We look forward to playing a key role in the growth of Dark Alley Media. Their production, The Show, is an incredible product that brings great value to the retailer and customer alike."

According to James Ian, Director of Marketing at DAM, the company is preparing a comprehensive marketing campaign for its next three releases "including a huge campaign for The Show 1. We will be working closely with Marina Pacific to maximize the visibility of the DAM brand.”

For further information, contact Mark Hovanec at 818-503-7741 x214 or email him at [email protected]. Marina Pacific's website is Its sales department can be reached at 866-538-7381 or 818-503-7741.

For further information about Dark Alley Media, contact Luke Walters at 212-380-1010 or email him at [email protected].