Margie 'Vena Virago' Schnibbe Exhibiting at Circus Gallery

LOS ANGELES — Margie Schnibbe, a.k.a. Vena Virago, opens a new exhibit Saturday at the renowned Circus Gallery that will feature a tribute to the women of AVN's Hall of Fame.

Schnibbe, who directs adult movies as Virago and whose last effort was Eastside Story from Vivid Alt, has long been an abstract artist working with paint, fabrics and other media, and this exhibit, titled "Honey Bunny," will be her first solo showing at a major gallery.

In her adult work, Schnibbe has made a custom of using her art as set dressing behind the action, and plans to do so again with part of this collection, staging a g/g S/M scene before it with fetish models Varla Vex and Loren Chance between show hours.

The segment of the show that will serve as the scene's backdrop is the AVN Hall of Fame display, a mural of all 112 names of the female HoF inductees to date.

"I'm really interested in the history of adult film, and I'm also really interested in how women fit into that picture, especially today, when there's so many women directing, and so many women have really taken charge of their vision," Schnibbe told AVN. "And I think it's really important that Adult Video News has actually recognized these women, and I want to recognize them too and take that to another world who may not be aware of, let's say, Annie Sprinkle or Candida Royalle."

The scene with Vex and Chance will be used in Schnibbe's sophomore Vivid Alt title, also named Honey Bunny, slated for release in mid-August. Commented Vivid Alt head Eon McKai, "Honey Bunny is about some of Vena Virago's personal experiences. It's starring Page Morgan ... I'm told there will be a lot of bunny people in the movie.

"It's exciting to tie in an art show with the production of a Vivid Alt movie," McKai went on. "It brings a nice crossover with the art world. I'm really proud to have this talented visual artist back in production for Vivid Alt."

"Honey Bunny" (the exhibit) opens with a reception from 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday, and runs through June 14. Circus Gallery is located at 7065 Lexington Ave., Los Angeles, 90038. For more information, go to