Marcus London Making Directorial Debut for Penthouse

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Performer Marcus London will step behind the camera for the first time to direct two projects for Penthouse Digital Media Productions, Layover and Letters.

"Layover is a feature about a group of air hostesses who get stuck in a city and all the flights are grounded, so they have to be put in a hotel until the weather blows over," London told AVN. "And of course, being five air hostesses in a hotel full of attractive workers, barmen, waiters, receptionists, managers, pilots coming in and out ... obviously, shit's going to happen."

Letters is a vignette-style production, its scenarios all built around the implementation of the written letter throughout history. London plays a Spartan warrior in his scene, and other setups involve a runaway girl in the '50s, some cheerleaders in a locker room, and the Titanic.

Both titles will star Angie Savage, who'll be adding boy/boy/girl to her repertoire in one scene, with London pulling duty as the first man to join her on camera other than husband Devon Savage.

"We've been talking about doing something like this for a long time," said Angie. "Our first choice a long time ago was Ron Jeremy, but we just decided to wait. We didn't know what company, exactly, to do it with, but we knew we wanted to use Marcus because he's very respectful and very handsome, so we contacted him, and it just happened to fall into place that he was directing."

London had been writing scripts for Penthouse executive producer Kelly Holland for some time when the subject of his directing came up on set.

"We were talking about writing more scripts," London said, "and Devon [Lee], my wife, just mentioned, 'Oh, Marc really wants to direct.' And Kelly kind of looked at me and went, 'What are you doing the 7th, 8th and 9th?'"

That's the 7th, 8th and 9th of this month, to be precise, the set shooting dates for Layover and Letters. And London seems well-prepared for his first time in the director's chair.

"The hardest thing that I've found to date is structuring the time frames and the locations to match to do two movies in similar locations," he said. "Because some of these [scenarios] have major eras difference, so trying to combine the two has been very difficult. And because of being talent, I didn't want to have my talent waiting very long to do stuff. It was kind of difficult, because there's always someone that has to wait, there's no way around it. So that has been my biggest hurdle, trying to really get it so that my talent's fresh and happy."

London is planning an industry-only red carpet wrap party for the two shows, to be attended by the casts of both as well as a host of Penthouse Pets. More details to follow when they become available.